Dresslife Pitches at SXSW Release It

March 08th, 2019

Dresslife was invited to pitch at the SXSW Release It Pitch as one of twelve selected start-ups. “We were thrilled to be part of this pitch at SXSW”, says Dr. Julian Hensolt, Dresslife Co-Founder and CEO. The Release it Pitch highlights newly released products. Dresslife was the only German start-up chosen to take part in the SXSW Release It Pitch. German State Minister for Digitization, Dorothee Bär, was happy to see German A.I. start-ups represented in Austin andstopped by to show her support.

Julian Hensolt/Dresslife pitches at SXSW Release It

AboutSXSW Release It

SXSW Release It provides a platform for companies to launch a new and innovative product or service during a pitch competition on the opening day of the SXSW Conference.

Ten cutting-edge companies launching a new product or services during this SXSW season will present to a panel of hand-picked judges, comprised of technology industry experts, venture capitalists, and high-profile media. A winner will be chosen based on which product or service is most likely to succeed in the marketplace.